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29 Nov 2014


Being able to astral project is an unique experience where you can float, cross walls and have a great liberty sensation. Furthermore, you can discover magic world which is inside you.

The most common way of visiting the astral plane is while sleeping: all human beings go there while the body is asleep. When the three-dimensional body is sleeping, we visit the astral dimension with the astral body, a body exactly like the physical, nevertheless made of energy, that moves at terrific velocity, like a thought, and is capable of research all the things we like in the Universe.

Natural abilities to A.P. are found only in few people. The most part of them need to practice to get the point. Theories must be left apart to become practical astral researchers. In the astral world we can investigate the past and the future. We can know our past lives and learn about our and the planet┬┤s future. Masters of humanity are ready to instruct us about our human journey and help us to overcome our internal limits.

Astral projection techniques will be really simple and accessible to any person irrespective of their particular history or prior preparing. But, these methods need to be practiced with focus, constancy and strong will.

Due to the importance in every person learning how to astral travel the Alcion Cultural Association is sending entirely free of cost the book entitled Hercolubus or Red Planet of V.M. Rabol├║. On this publication you will see astral projection exercises and you will know around the serious Earth Modifications that will occur in short time.

Nowadays, aware astral projection will help us in several domains of life, notably in our spiritual path. True spirituality goes beyond beliefs and it is the source of practical and authentic knowledge. What is the purpose of our life here on the planet? Do we want to know the secrets of life and death? What is the upcoming that is waiting our civilization? Any awakened consciousness or Soul has the ability to answer these inquiries from direct experience and not by written doctrines. Without any doubt, the source of this knowledge is definitely beyond our physical world, in the astral dimension.

It is urgent to master astral projection. All those who start to astral project will begin to guide themselves and they are going to be prepared to guide others; because this is what mankind needs: guides.

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AstralProjection7 | 4 years 6 days ago
Interesting article about A.P. Watch the video and request your Free Book

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